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“When you invoke St. Joseph, you don’t have to say much. Say, ‘If you were in my place St. Joseph, what would you do? Well, pray for this on my behalf.’ ” – St. Andre Bessett

Eucharistic Reflection - A Fresh Abundant Source of Grace

"The Passion of our Savior did not end on Golgotha, it is perpetuated on the altar and in souls. But in the same manner as the divine mercy has caused a source of redemption to pour forth from the wounds made at Calvary, so a fresh abundant source of grace will flow out anew from the wounds reopened by ungrateful humanity. Actually, Gethsemane and Calvary are renewed again on our altar!

On Holy Thursday the dungeon was an hour of darkness. May it be here an hour radiant with light! That hour of Judas was an hour of hate, of crime. May it now be an hour of praise, love and reparation.

Let us go forth to meet Jesus in His agony. Let us watch one hour with Him. Our companionship will repair the great and numerous sins which reopens His wounds."

(Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC. from Twenty Holy Hours)


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