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“To let Jesus look at us: it is the most important thing in our life.”- Father Jacques Philippe

Pondering Tidbits of Truth - June 10, 2021


Pondering Tidbits of Truth is my simple and inadequate way of providing nuggets of spiritual wisdom for you to chew on from time to time.




Mother Mectilde of the Blessed Sacrament

“Silence, love, and respect are needed, and without these three points you will learn nothing…Silence disposes you to listen. Love makes you embrace the instructions which God’s spirit gives you. And respect keeps you in a profound reverence for the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Consequently, be attentive to God who is present, with love and respect. Never forget these three points, which must never be separated from each other. For if you are attentive without love and respect, Jesus Christ’s words will not have the results they must have in you. If you are without attentiveness, you do not hear His voice. If you are without love, your action is without life or soul. Thus, love and respect are bounded inseparably to attention. This is the reason I have so often recommended loving attention to God who is present. Remember God with love and respect.

Therefore, be silent in your mind in order to hear God’s voice who speaks to souls in various ways: sometimes by distinct words, at other times by touches in the heart’s depth; sometimes by delicate invitations He makes felt in the apex of the soul, other times through His divine inspirations; sometimes by distinct words or actions, even outward, which we see or hear from others...And the great secret of the interior life is to listen well to these voices and to yield oneself to what they teach. It is also necessary to listen to His voice in afflictions, in insults, in contradictions, in sorrows, in disturbances…Voices, voices, voices everywhere, in heaven and on earth. An attentive soul listens only to the voices which invite it to love, adore and glorify the One who is. All these voices are calling you to see and to know God in all things, to make you worship His Holy hand which applies to you the cross, the nails, and the thorns, which tells you to suffer for pure love, which invites you to humble and reduce yourself to nothing beneath all creatures, which exhorts you to fidelity on all occasions.

 (From The Breviary of Fire)


Father Jacques Philippe

“…let us ask ourselves how we look upon others. Does our gaze, like God’s, give life, freedom, and encouragement; is it a look of hope? Or is it a look of judgment, condemnation, and constraint? A simple look can give life, but it can also give death. Let us ask for the grace to see each person with the eyes of Jesus, so that our eyes communicate life and hope to those we encounter.

 (From Fire & Light – Learning to Receive the Gift of God)


 St. Leonard of Port Maurice

“Now, tell me whether, when you enter church to hear Mass, you thoroughly well consider that you are going up as it were to Calvary, to be present at the death of the Redeemer. If so, would you go with behavior so unsubdued with dress, so flaunting? If the Magdalene had gone to Calvary, to the foot of the Cross, all dressed out, perfumed, and adorned, as when she associated with her lovers, what would have been said of her? What, then, shall be said of you who go to Holy Mass as if you were going to a ball [or the beach, a barbeque, a sporting event]? But what shall be said if you profane those functions of most dread sanctity with nods and becks, with tattle, with laughter, with the petty attentions of courtships, or with graver sacrileges of thought, word, or deed? Wickedness is hideous at any time, and in any place, and before the altar, draw down after them the curse of God…Think seriously upon this…

 (From The Hidden Treasure)


Eucharistic Reflection - He Calls Us and Pursues Us

The heavenly host of angels cannot believe the ingratitude we sinful souls demonstrate to our ever-Present, loving, merciful and forgiving Lord:  

"For centuries, I have carried in My Heart a sorrowful cross. How many souls are there redeemed by My Blood, yet, definitely lost! Although destined to be consumed in the fires of My Love, they have already fallen by thousands into the terrible and avenging flames. Yet they belonged to Me!

Photo©Michael Seagriff

Listen to them. From the depths of hell, they curse the crib of Bethlehem, My poverty, and My appeals to the World. They curse the blood-stained Cross imprinted on their conscience. They curse My Church which offered them the treasures of Redemption. They curse My Eucharist, they who would have spent eternity in bliss if they had been nourished by the bread of immortality, which I offer them in the Blessed Sacrament.

Yet how many of these unfortunate souls like you came to kneel at My feet but afterwards, yielding to the world, chose for themselves their hell.

I called them constantly, I pursued them, I embraced them with the tenderness of a God, but one day they broke their chains, they pulled themselves violently away from My embrace, and in their mad frenzy, chose a sinful gratification at the price of endless woe!

At this very moment, they curse Me with a curse that will now be eternal! And, sorrow of sorrows, they were Mine! It was especially because of them, at the sight of their irrevocable loss, that My Heart was breaking in the Garden of Gethsemane, for they were all My children!

Look beloved souls! From the intensity of this unspeakable anguish, the Wound in My Heart is open and will remain open, yes, open, that you who love Me may find there superabundant life, a Heaven. Life eternal.

 (Twenty Holy Hours - Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.)


[Excerpted from Stirring Slumbering Souls - 250 Eucharistic Reflections)


Monday Musings - We Must Love More If We Wish To Be Truly Free

"The only way to experience freedom that lasts and grows more and more intense is to love more and more. St. Paul tells the Corinthians it is not he who places restrictions on them but their own closed hearts (2 Cor 6:12). That is to say the lack of freedom arises from not loving enough. Love brings freedom. The more pure and intense love is, the more expansive is freedom. A loving heart is never closed. 

(Photo©Michael Seagriff)

Such freedom can be acquired (unlike the freedom of omnipotence of which we sometimes dream), but that takes time. Moreover, it is a grace, a gift of God, a fruit of the Holy Spirit. But once we can truly love God with all our heart, love any man or woman, whoever he or she may be, and love ourselves - fully accept ourselves, that is - we then are truly free."

 (Father Jacques Philippe from "Fire & Light - Learning To Receive The Gift of God")