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Eucharistic Reflection - An Open Treasury

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
"Streams of graces and blessings flow from the living and personal presence of our Divine Savior in the holy Tabernacle into the hearts of those who approach Him with humility and confidence...Never does a soul that is penetrated with a lively faith approach Jesus and go away without being enriched. If we ourselves did not sow many weeds in the garden of our soul, He would soon have it covered with the treasures of grace...Nothing, not even the sense of our unworthiness and sinfulness, should deter us from appearing before Him: Yea, the poorer we are, the more often should we hasten to the Divine Treasury that we may become enriched. The weaker we are, the more frequently should we approach the Divine Fountain of Grace, that we may be revived and strengthened.
Here, in the holy Tabernacle, is the wonderful pool of Bethsaida, that is, the 'house of mercy' or 'place of healing,' in which the Divine waters of grace are constantly in mo…

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