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“…there are only two actions that fully befit man: adoration and martyrdom.” - Pascal

Eucharistic Reflection - Lose Yourself

"The more food is chewed the more it loses of its former nature. Dear child, if you want to be drawn into and transformed into God, you must lose your former nature, yourself, your self-love, your absorption and satisfaction in your own activity, in fact every form of self-obsession. 

You must be prepared for all of this. ‘Two lives and two forms cannot exist together in one being’; if heat is to enter, cold must of necessity go out; and if God is to enter, the creature’s love of itself and clinging to itself must go out. If God is really to perform His works in you, you must be purely passive. All your powers must quite abandon their own activities and preoccupations and must be kept utterly free of yourself. You must deny all your own powers and be content to be purely and entirely nothing.  The more the depths of your soul are emptied of all that is yourself, the truer and more essential will your union with God be.

This selflessness was never more purely and truly seen than in the soul of our Lord Jesus Christ. We might say of Him, if this were possible for anyone, that He had no self, so perfect was His union with the Father. He was utterly united to the Father because He denied Himself utterly…”

(Johann Tauler, O.P. from Spiritual Conferences)

Eucharistic Reflection - There Has Never Been Any Ambiguity - So Why Do We Hesitate Teaching This Truth?

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"But anyone who would approach this gracious Sacrament while guilty of deadly sin would receive no grace from it, even though such a person would really be receiving Me as I am, wholly God, wholly human. But do you know the situation of the soul who receives the Sacrament unworthily? She is like a candle that has been doused with water and only hisses when it is brought under the fire. The flame no more than touches it, but it goes out, and nothing remains but smoke. Just so, this soul brings the candle she received in holy baptism and throws the water of sin over it, a water that drenches the wick of baptismal grace that is meant to bear the light. And unless she dries the wick out with the fire of true contrition by confessing her sin, she will physically receive the light when she approaches the table of the altar, but she will not receive it into her spirit.

If the soul is not disposed as she should be for so great a mystery, this true light will not graciously remain in her but will depart, leaving her more confounded, more darksome, and more deeply in sin. She will have gained nothing from this Sacrament but the hissing of remorse, not because of any defect in the light (for nothing can impair it) but because of the water it encountered in the soul, the water that so drenched her love that she could not receive this light."


(The Dialogue - Jesus to Saint Catherine of Siena)




Monday Musings - We Have Not Answered - We Have Not Listened

There is never an idle word that flows from the mouth of our God. What He said through the prophets years ago, should be listened to by those living now. His Truth never changes nor do the consequences for those who choose to ignore Him. Foolish are those who turn deaf ears to His warnings.


Pondering Tidbits of Truth - September 2, 2021


Pondering Tidbits of Truth is my simple and inadequate way of providing nuggets of spiritual wisdom for you to chew on from time to time.



Venerable Bruno Lanteri

"Do you find yourself turning inward, preoccupied by your anxieties and burdened by your failings? 'Instead of turning in on yourself, lift your gaze often with peace and love to God.' Often. With peace. With love. The less you focus on your failures and the more you gaze on the Lord with peace and love, the more your heart will lift, the stronger you will become, the more joy you will find. Tell Him that 'you want to be totally His' and, with boldness, tell Him that 'it is His to make you become better'!"

(From Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement - The Wisdom and Spiritual Power of Venerable Bruno Lanteri)


Mother Mectilde of the Blessed Sacrament

"Would to God that you could fathom the extreme and terrible evil that it is to sin. Oh! Sin, sin what harm you have done to us! Alas! Who will be able to repair your ruins? Jesus Christ alone has the power, the will, and the capacity for this, and He did it in a perfect manner through His blood and through His death. It is Jesus Christ who ransomed me and gave me back the possession of my rights. He redeems every moment of my life, because after committing one [mortal] sin, we deserve not only spiritual death, but bodily death too. And if God executed justice it would destroy us irretrievably.

Therefore, I owe Jesus Christ every moment of my life, all the operations of my soul's powers, all my time, all my work, all my ability, all my thoughts, in a word, the use of my senses and all my faculties. And as many acts are for myself or for creatures, these are so many thefts I perpetrate against the blood of God's Son. All is His, we are purchased at that inestimable price, and we have no right to use or spend our life’s moments except for His love and glory. Otherwise, we make a dreadful profanation of this precious blood and render ourselves guilty of it…

If a soul understood the evil and abomination of one sin, she would have such a horror of it, that however wicked she might be, she could not bring herself to commit it. You must confess that our blindness is great and worthy of compassion."

(From The Breviary of Fire - Letters by Mother Mectilde of the Blessed Sacrament)


 Linda Brenninkmeyer

 “The Lord is inviting you to come and gaze into His eyes of mercy. He's offering you hope for a fresh start. Oh, I pray that the eyes of your heart would be enlightened, and that the darkness of shame would be chased away. Shame keeps your eyes cast down. But God is cupping your face in His hands and calling you to look up.”

 (From Be Still: A Daily Devotional)