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Worth Revisiting - Eucharistic Reflection - Not Much Has Changed

We thank Allison Gingras at Reconciled To You  and Elizabeth Riordan at Theology Is A Verb  for hosting Worth Revisitingeach week. It is a privilege to share our work with them and their followers.Eucharistic Reflection - Not Much Has Changed (Originally published on November 30, 2012) Sadly, as noted by Father John Croiset in 1863, the lack of appreciation for the gift of Jesus living physically among us is not a recent development: “There have been newly converted Christians, in the Indies and in Japan, who have traveled more than a hundred leagues every year, to have the consolation of once adoring Jesus Christ in the most Blessed Sacrament, of hearing one single Mass; and they thought nothing of the fatigue, of so difficult a journey, that they might have the happiness of spending half an hour with Jesus Christ. My God! How many will rise up at the day of judgment and will condemn us! We have Jesus Christ in our town; religious persons have Jesus Christ in their own house; and t…

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