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" "Our Lord is loved by so few, because few consider the pains He has suffered for us; but he that frequently considers them cannot live without loving Jesus." – Meditation on the Passion

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pondering Tidbits of Truth (Volume 2) Now Available on Kindle

If you have been waiting for the Kindle version of Pondering Tidbits of Truth (Volume 2), your wait is over.

So why would you want a copy?

Let me ask you two questions? Are you at the point in your spiritual life where you sense God prodding you to spend more time each day reading, pondering and reflecting on the truths of your Catholic faith, but you do not know where to begin or how you will find the time to do so? Fret no more. The hard work has been done for you.

Pondering Tidbits of Truth (Volume 2), like its Volume 1 predecessor, sets forth 100 quotations from ancient and contemporary Catholics that will challenge and inspire you. The wisdom contained within these books will provide much fruit for your contemplation.

You can get your $.99 cent copy HERE.

Would you help spread the word?

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