Beloved Lord Jesus,
I adore Thee, who art present here,
with all the love of my heart.
Sinner that I am, I would offer Thee reparation
for all the irreverence, coldness, and ignorance
that surround Thee in the Sacrament of Thy Love.
Would that I could make the surpassing wonder of Thy real presence known
over the entire length and breadth of this land.
Not only art Thou hidden
Vere tu es Deus absconditus
Thou art also unknown.
Even those who frequent Thy churches are in darkness
concerning the miracle of Thy real presence.
Thou art forgotten.
Thou art treated as a thing, as an object of little worth.
To me, Thou art all,
and apart from Thee I want nothing on earth.

O reveal Thyself!
Give words to Thy priests
that they might proclaim this adorable Sacrament
and make known its wonders at every opportunity.
Inspire Thy priests to speak of Thee and, even more,
to give worthy example of faith, of adoration, of reverence,and of burning love.