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"Among creatures no one knows Christ better than Mary; no one can introduce us to a profound knowledge of his mystery better than his mother." - St. John Paul II

Worth Revisiting - Do You Treasure His Presence?

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Do You Treasure His Presence? 

(Originally posted August 25, 2014)

My wife and I will be boarding a train later this afternoon to return home ending a nearly three week visit with our son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. I thank God that He blessed us with this unforgettable time together.
Unfortunately, my visits to the local Catholic Church here created a heaviness and sadness  in my heart. There was no tabernacle in the main Church or Chapel. Our Lord was confined to a small room that accommodated only eight individuals.

The loud chatter and laughter before and immediately after the end of Mass each day made silent prayer an enormous challenge if not an impossibility.  The conduct of those present gave no visible evidence that His Presence among and within them was of much importance. 
When I later discovered that most of those at Mass that morning were teachers in the parish's school, I held little hope that any of  the children in their care would ever come to really appreciate, value and reverence our Eucharistic Lord.

I pray and will pray that I am wrong.

Eucharistic Reflection - He Promised!

“What is there upon the altar before the Consecration? A bit of bread, a little wine. And after the Consecration? For the senses – for touch, sight, taste – bread and wine still. Faith, only faith, penetrates beneath those veils, to reach the divine reality that is totally hidden there. Without faith, we shall never see anything but bread and wine; we shall not see God; He does not reveal Himself there as He does in the Gospel…

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In the case of the Eucharist, there is room only for pure faith; faith founded solely on the words of Jesus: ‘This is my body, this is my blood.’ The Eucharist is, above all, a ‘mystery of faith’; Mysterium fidei.

Book Review - Bound by Vijaya Bodach

If I am going to take the time to read a novel, I want its characters to be authentic and the story line compelling and relevant to the issues of our day. I want to be entertained and surprised.

I struck gold when I purchased Vijaya Bodach’s most recent tale, Bound.

I was immediately drawn to Rebecca, abandoned at birth, adopted by the Joshi family and later severely burned and disfigured, her older and mentally challenged sister, Joy, their grieving father, and the life challenges each faced following the death of their much beloved mother and spouse. 

Joy’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy causes immense embarrassment to her father, threatens Rebecca’s long-cherished dream to become a doctor, and pits each family member against the other. All three become obstinate and unwilling to find an appropriate path forward. But, of course, they must and you will be flipping the pages feverishly to see what they do.

The author helps us explore the most significant battle of our time – upholding the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death. We are privileged to witness this struggle through the eyes and culture of an immigrant family from India.

I thank Vijaya Bodach for gifting us with this treasure. You will too.

Worth Revisiting - Monday Musings - Stop Blaming God

We thank Allison Gingras at Reconciled To You  and Elizabeth Riordan at Theology Is A Verb once again for  hosting Catholic bloggers at Worth Revisiting. It is a privilege for us to share our work with them and their readers.


Monday Musings - Stop Blaming God 

(Originally posted on July 31, 2017)

What follows are simple declarative sentences excerpted from God, A Woman and the Way, a book written more than sixty years ago by Rev. M. Raymond, O.C.S.O., a Trappist monk. They set forth fundamental Truths which today are routinely denied and denounced: 
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“We need God. Without Him we can do nothing. But God also needs us. He needs us to bear witness to the fact that He exists; that God became man; that God died; that God rose again; that men can become like God. God needs us to be animated Gospels and give the world the almost unbelievable ‘Good News’ that God is our Father and we are heirs to all that almighty God possesses.” 
Do you suppose there is any connection between the denial and denunciation of these Truths and the chaos that exists in our world today?

Sad that I even have to ask such a question. 
It’s time to start blaming ourselves and not God for the messes we have created.

Eucharistic Reflection - Who Awaits Us?

“O Christ Jesus, really present on the altar, I prostrate myself at Your feet. May all adoration be rendered to You in the Sacrament You willed to leave to us in witness of the excess of your love, on the eve of Your Passion!

Again, we can express that reverence, that veneration, by going to visit Christ in the tabernacle. Is it not, indeed a failure of respect if we neglect this Divine Guest who awaits us? There in the tabernacle He remains, really present, this one who was present in the manger of Bethlehem, at Nazareth, on the hills of Judea, in the upper room, on the cross…

Monday Musings - Podcast - This Will Not Cost Our Church One Penny!

We will continue to shrink in numbers, close our Churches and  experience a dearth in priestly vocations until we reinstate a sense of the Sacred in our Church buildings. This will only occur when all our actions in Church evidence an unswerving belief that we are privileged to be in the presence of Jesus Christ. Listen here.

Book Review - Anyone But Him by Theresa Linden

Imagine waking up in a house and bed you do not recognize, not knowing who and where you are and lying next to a man you are about to be told is your husband. So begins the page turning tale of Caitlyn Summers and Jarret West in Theresa Linden’s intriguing novel, Anyone But Him.

We can easily relate to Linden’s characters and her fascinating story line – a young woman’s journey through amnesia. Along the way, the author addresses many of the most significant social and moral issues of our day.

Anyone But Him is one of those special books whose twists and turns made it difficult to put down. You will enjoy it!

Pondering Tidbits of Truth - July 19, 2018

Pondering Tidbits of Truth is my simple and inadequate way of providing nuggets of spiritual wisdom for you to chew on from time to time.

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St. Francis de Sales

“Kiss frequently the crosses which the Lord sends you, and with all your heart, without regarding of what sort they may be; for the more vile and mean they are, the more they deserve their name. The merit of crosses does not consist in their weight, but in the manner in which they are borne…” 

(From A Year With The Saints - - A Virtue For Every Month of The Year)

Worth Revisiting - We Stand With Your Lord - No Matter The Price We May Be Asked To Pay

We thank Allison Gingras at Reconciled To You  and Elizabeth Riordan at Theology Is A Verb once again for  hosting Catholic bloggers at Worth Revisiting. It is a privilege for us to share our work with them and their readers.

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We Stand With You Lord - No Matter The Price We May Be Asked To Pay! 

(Originally published on June 29, 2015)

May the following words penned more than 50 years ago by Rev. M. Raymond, O.C.S.O. encourage us during these trying times and our pending exile in a world that has, for the most part, turned its back on the Lord who created them, died for them, yet still offers all of us eternal life:

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"There was pain in Egypt - yet, I say it was heaven.

Mary saw raw, rampant paganism all about her, yet she nursed God at her breast; she had to listen to false gods being called upon, yet she heard the Word of God utter His first human word. And while the sight of pyramids standing out against a setting sun, and the shimmer on the waters of the Nile told her not only that she was in exile, but that her whole people had once been here, yet when she gazed into the starry light in His eyes and knew that it had been kindled from light in her own and that He was the Maker of the stars, Egypt and exile was heaven. It was here she saw Him take His first step, listened to Him laugh in baby glee, felt His tiny hand caress her cheek and tangle in her hair; it was here that she bathed, clothed, fed her Baby who was God; it was here that she tucked God in bed and sang God to sleep; it was here that her whole night and day, her whole being, her whole existence was God who was also her Child.