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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why? Why Injustice? Why Suffering? Why?

[There are questions that have no ready answers.How many times have we asked God "Why" when He sends suffering or injustice our way or to our loved ones and friends? Father Raymond answers this recurrent question with one of his own sure to cause you to ponder this subject anew:]

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"Divine Providence, which is but another name for God, is bound to be more than puzzling; it is sure to be an insoluble mystery.

We simply do not, we simply cannot, see the reason for many things. Why is this young couple denied children for whom they long, and for whom they could make lavish provision, while next door the mother already burdened with a large family, for whom the father is straining to make ends meet, gives birth to another healthy child?

Why is it that this holy young woman brings forth a stillborn child, while a neighbor who has lost all faith becomes a mother to stocky twins?

Why is it that this couple has a child who is a half-wit and that one a son who is a complete imbecile? Why?

Why did that young man who was so full of character have to die while classmates who seemed so devoid of it live on?

Why does this sick and crippled old man, who has outlived all who ever loved or cared for him, eke out his days in sheer misery while the strong, loving father of a young family is killed outright in an accident that leaves Irresponsible ones unscathed?

The only answer to these questions and a thousand others like them is another question: Why was the Mother 'of God denied shelter at Bethlehem, given a sword at Jerusalem, made to fly into Egypt, and rendered childless for three endless days and three agonizing nights?"

(Rev. M. Raymond, O.C.S.O. from God, A Woman and The Way)


  1. Contrary to popular belief we do actually have some solid theological answer to these questions.... This link here simplifies Pope John Paull II's Apostolic Letter .... On the meaning of Human Suffering i.e. Does God Make you Suffer? ...... http://newevangelisationlincolnshire.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/does-god-make-you-suffer.html

    Beyond this, in terms of Christian suffering much is explained by St. John of the Cross - in that 'there is a price to pay'. This excellent summary about St. John of the Cross & the spiritual life is also worth a look.... http://www.dioceseoflacrosse.com/vocations/St.John.pdf

  2. I appreciate your visit and comments. I neither doubt there are "theological' answers to this question nor discount .the contributions of St. John the Cross. I am a simple man and wanted to share Father's powerful but uncomplicated observations: Christ suffered. His Mother suffered. And so must we. Thank you for all that you do. God bless.