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"Among creatures no one knows Christ better than Mary; no one can introduce us to a profound knowledge of his mystery better than his mother." - St. John Paul II

Book Review - Our Lady of La Salette – A Mother Weeps for Her Children by Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

Remembering Our Lady of La Salette! 

In 1954, Rev. M. Raymond. O.C.S.O warned Catholics that we were suffering from amnesia - that we had forgotten the purpose of our lives and much of what it meant to be Catholic.

Now, in 2019, author, Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, urges us to recall the reasons why tears flowed down our Blessed Mother’s face when she appeared to 11-year-old Maximin Giraud and 14-year-old Melanie Mathieu in the small town of Corps in the French Alps more than 170 years ago. 

In Our Lady of La Salette – A Mother Weeps for Her Children, Fagnant-MacArthur offers a much-needed summary of this forgotten Marian apparition. Its message (like that of Fatima and Akita) is so very relevant to our times. Our Blessed Mother has repeatedly called all people “to return to God and repent of their sins.” She warns us of the chastisements that will follow if we persist in ignoring Her Son’s commandments and her pleas.

When she appeared to the two young herdsmen in 1846, our Blessed Mother “was speaking against Sunday work, the failure to keep the Sabbath holy by attending Mass and taking the Lord’s name in vain.” What must she think of the world today? Are not the sins which caused her to cry in La Sallete even more widespread now?

Much of the adversity Mother Mary predicted at Corps would happen if her pleas were not heeded came to fruition. At the same time. it is clear that many of its local residents responded and reformed their lives. It is not too late for the rest of us to do likewise! We must, she commands, “put God before everything else”.

This booklet is a much-needed reminder and invitation for all of us to treat God as we ought and as He deserves. As our heavenly Mother has repeatedly warned us, our continued sinfulness will have catastrophic consequences here on this earth and in the eternal one to come. 

I highly recommend Our Lady of La Salette – A Mother Weeps for Her Children. You should put a copy of it in the hands of all your family and loved ones. You can get your copy here!

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