Eucharistic Reflection - Say It To Him!

There are times when physical lassitude, cold or heat, an importunate thought, a trial with its sting still fresh, baffles every effort to fix the mind on the subject of prayer, and concentrates the whole attention on what for the moment is all-absorbing.

Times harder still to manage, when mind and heart are so absolutely vacant and callous that there is no rousing them to action.

(Photo©Michael Seagriff)
This reflection will sometimes be helpful then: What should I have to say were I in the presence of the one I loved best in the world; with whom I am quite at my ease; my friend par excellence; to whom my trials, difficulties, character, the secrets of my soul are known; that one in whose concerns and welfare I take the deepest interest; whose plans and views are mine, discussed again and again together; in whose company time flies and the hour of parting comes too soon – what should I find to say?

Say it, make an effort to say it to Him Who is in the tabernacle yonder.

(Mother Mary Loyola from Coram Sanctissimo)