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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Eucharistic Reflection - Make Your Heart A Heaven For Him

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“Here is a good thought which is not often mentioned: receive Communion not only for yourself , in order to have this immense grace, but for Jesus, in order to respond to His desire to come down into you, to give Him the joy of descending into your heart, which is a heaven for Him. Perhaps you will say, ‘What, My poor heart, so miserable, so unworthy, a heaven for Jesus?’ Yes, if you call upon Him to make your heart a heaven for Him.

Listen to little Therese: ‘I offered myself to Jesus, not as a person who desires to receive His visit for my own consolation, but on the contrary, for the pleasure of Him who gives Himself to me. It is not in order to remain in the golden ciborium that He comes down each day from Heaven, but in order to find another heaven, the heaven of our souls, made in His image, the living temple of the adorable Trinity’.’’

(From I Believe in Love, as quoted in I The Lord Am With You Always – Prayers and Mediations for Eucharistic Adoration.

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