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Worth Revisiting - Monday Musings - Stop Blaming God

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Monday Musings - Stop Blaming God 

(Originally posted on July 31, 2017)

What follows are simple declarative sentences excerpted from God, A Woman and the Way, a book written more than sixty years ago by Rev. M. Raymond, O.C.S.O., a Trappist monk. They set forth fundamental Truths which today are routinely denied and denounced: 
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“We need God. Without Him we can do nothing. But God also needs us. He needs us to bear witness to the fact that He exists; that God became man; that God died; that God rose again; that men can become like God. God needs us to be animated Gospels and give the world the almost unbelievable ‘Good News’ that God is our Father and we are heirs to all that almighty God possesses.” 
Do you suppose there is any connection between the denial and denunciation of these Truths and the chaos that exists in our world today?

Sad that I even have to ask such a question. 
It’s time to start blaming ourselves and not God for the messes we have created.

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