Book Review - Anyone But Him by Theresa Linden

Imagine waking up in a house and bed you do not recognize, not knowing who and where you are and lying next to a man you are about to be told is your husband. So begins the page turning tale of Caitlyn Summers and Jarret West in Theresa Linden’s intriguing novel, Anyone But Him.

We can easily relate to Linden’s characters and her fascinating story line – a young woman’s journey through amnesia. Along the way, the author addresses many of the most significant social and moral issues of our day.

Anyone But Him is one of those special books whose twists and turns made it difficult to put down. You will enjoy it!


  1. Wow, thank you for reading and reviewing my book!

  2. It was privilege to read it and an honor to let others know they should do so as well.


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