Eucharistic Reflection - Don't Abstain From This Medicine

(Image Resource: Wikimedia Commons)

“In this Sacrament [Holy Communion] past sins are forgiven, strength is given against temptations, the passions are quelled, temptations are lessened, true devotion is stimulated, faith is strengthened, hope is confirmed, weakness is made strength, charity is inflamed, and the recipient is made a sharer in the merits of Christ and given a pledge of everlasting life. 

This is the Bread that strengthens the heart of a man, sustains the traveler, raises the fallen, strengthens the weak, arms the strong, gladdens the sorrowful, arouses the lukewarm, awakens the slothful, cures the sick, and is the common remedy for all needs. It is all things to all men and no one, however unworthy he feels, should abstain from this medicine if he wishes to be cured.”

(Ven. Louis of Granada, O.P. from Summa of the Christian Life)