Eucharistic Reflection - "The Motives For Visiting the Blessed Sacrament"

"St. Paul tells us that at Athens he found written on an altar: 'To the unknown God.' Alas, I might say the opposite to you! I am about to preach to you a God that you do not adore, and whom you know to be your God. How many Christians have time on their hands and who never deign to come alone to visit their Savior. Oh! what a shame on us! If some novelty turns up, one leaves everything and runs to it. As for our God, we fly from Him. We find the time we spend in His presence hard. Oh! what a difference between the first Christians and us! They spent entire days and nights in the churches to sing the praises of the Lord, and to weep over their sins, but today it is not the same. Jesus is forsaken, abandoned in the sacrament of His love."

(From The Eucharistic Meditations of the Cure of Ars)


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