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"Among creatures no one knows Christ better than Mary; no one can introduce us to a profound knowledge of his mystery better than his mother." - St. John Paul II

Monday Musings - Belief In the Real Presence Begins With Us

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The sense of the Sacred has been absent from far too many of our Churches for some time now. The lack of belief in the Real Presence among Catholics today, as noted by the recent PEW research, is intrinsically tied to that lack of Sacredness.

Our eyes and ears will not deceive us. As you enter Church, look around; listen. Does what you do, see and hear demonstrate that those in attendance actually believe that they in the Presence of the living Christ? Is there much difference in the conduct you witness within the nave of our Churches from that you experience when in secular, fraternal, sporting and entertainment venues? Is this how you experience Mass?

THIS insulting irreverence to our loving Lord must end. We must address this issue NOW! We can no longer wait for our Bishops and priests to address this pressing issue. 

Our Churches are intended to be unlike any other earthly edifice - they house the Son of God. Everyone who enters must conduct themselves in a manner befitting one who is privileged to be on holy ground and in the Presence of the Almighty God. 

Let us thank God for the courageous pastors who teach this truth.

Restoration of the sacred and belief in the Real Presence must be the number one priority of our Church. Such sacredness and belief will occur only when we lay people, supported by our priests,  insist on it and model it. Today each of us must begin the effort to reclaim our Churches and to reverence and  love our Lord as He deserves!

Here are simple things that each of us can do immediately! This is a list of changes you should ask your pastor to implement.

We must stir slumbering souls and quench our Lord's thirst to be loved! 

We need more lepers and prophets! 

There is no time to spare! 

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