I Can’t Stand It Anymore! – No Wonder Hamlet Wanted to Kill Us!

[The subject of this post is not what I normally share on this blog. But after posting a slightly different version on my Facebook page and seeing the reaction it evoked, I decided to post it here. Why? Because the concerns I raised, have and will, adversely affect rights to freely exercise our religious beliefs, to be welcomed participants in the public square and to protect human life from natural conception to natural death.]

What do I, a simple retired country lawyer, know?

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A pox upon my brother and sister lawyers, who essentially control all three branches of our government. No wonder Hamlet wanted to kill us.

We, who are charged with the sacred duty of upholding our constitutional protections and structures, participate in, or sit silently, watching or even rooting for the total destruction of our social and legal order. We are on the brink of losing all that has made this Nation unique in the world. 

The deafening, cowardly, self-serving silence among far too many in the legal profession must end, as, among other things, we:

            Abandon the concepts of due process and the presumption of innocence.

            Shift the burden of proof from the accuser to the accused.

           Create a fictitious and extremely dangerous finding of being unable to exonerate the subject of our investigations.

            Find rights that do not appear and are not specifically enunciated in our written statutes and constitutions.

            Demand people resign from their elected and appointed positions or lose their jobs on the basis of mere allegations.

            Told we must accept as true on its face, any allegation of sexual abuse.

            Tolerate the removal of elected officials we don’t like, not through the ballot box or after Court found breaches of law and/or malfeasance, but by protests in the streets, or even through illegal surveillance.

Or when:

            Our legislators refuse to legislate but try to adjudicate.

            Our Judges prefer legislating over adjudication.

            Political ideology overrides the rule of law and legal precedent.

            We allow Courts to exert injunctive power beyond their geographic boundaries.

            State and local governments act contrary to Federal Law and the Courts allow them to do so. 

            Chief law enforcement officers at the Federal and State levels, whose duty it is to defend validly enacted legislation, refuse to defend that legislation, effectively allowing one person to negate the decision of an elected Legislative body - an act presumed to be valid.

            Permit virtually anyone who dislikes any governmental action legal standing to challenge and delay the implementation of validly enacted legislation in any jurisdiction they choose.

            We refuse to impose reasonable protections on the right to vote, such as requiring the presentation of a photo ID, something we are required to do in so many other forums, such as getting a passport, opening a bank account, or receiving medical services.

            When we arbitrarily and/or politically pick and choose which of our laws we will enforce and which we will ignore. This is most especially dangerous in the area of immigration where our national safety and sovereignty are under attack.

            When we don’t call out elected officials who make a mockery of our system by the shameful way they conduct themselves and Congressional hearings and by demanding records and testimony to which they are not legally entitled.

I have to stop. I could go on with countless other shameful examples but you get the point.

No, I don’t want to kill all lawyers. It would be a sin to do so. There actually are many honorable ones. We must pray for them all. But I do want to wring their cowardly necks. 

How about you?


  1. Well said, Michael! Well said. It is precisely because of all the things you enumerated here that I pray daily for our country's deliverance from the hands of Satan and for all to accept Christ as King with dominion over everything. I sat in horror watching part of the Kavanaugh hearings, am appalled at the treatment of a duly elected President, and know that if we don't do all we can to remedy our current situation we are no longer operating under the Constitution our founding fathers gave us, but have succumbed to the same dreadful tyranny our forefathers rebelled against and bought our freedom with their lives.

    Satan dominates the airwaves and internet with his incessant lies, spoken through the mouths of his useful human idiots. The best way to combat this is to know our precious Catholic Faith and live it as best we can according to our circumstances. God is in charge, but He has ordained that we follow His Son and be His voice, His hands, His feet to bring His healing word to all and liberation from the errors of this world.

  2. It was great to see your visit and comment Barbara Schoeneberger. Thank you for commenting. You have been in my thoughts and prayers as of late. Praying that you are well.


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