Monday Musings - Our Obligation To Evangelize

In a recent interview by Aleteia, Cardinal Robert Sarah was asked a number of questions, including the following: Can evangelism be intensified in France, which is confronting a robust Islam?

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
We would be wise to take note of this well-respected prelate’s response which is descriptive of the tragic reality in, or aspirations of, many other nations today, including our own:

“France has in any case renounced its Christian roots; the Gospel is no longer its reference. God no longer has a place in its society. The only place where it is tolerated is the private domain, and even then, it is confined to house arrest. Man has taken the place of God. It enacts laws in total opposition to the laws of God and those of nature. You believe that men, or women, can marry between themselves…While everyone is fighting for the abolition of the death penalty, the murder of unborn children is legal, as is divorce. While we are fighting genital mutilation everywhere, we are legalizing the mutilation of people who want to change their sex. What a diabolical contradiction.
The evangelization of the West will be more and more difficult. But it must be undertaken with burning zeal, without fear or shame. Evangelization is not a confrontation. Rather, it is God who comes to offer His Love to every man and woman, whatever his race, religion or continent. God has an immense respect for our freedom because He is Love, and Love is powerless and incapable of forcing the conscience and the heart. But all men have a right to the Gospel.”
Remember the good Cardinal has told the Truth:  all men have a right to the Gospel. So, each of us professing to be Christian, must remember  that by the way we live our lives, we "may be the only Gospel many will ever hear". 

Will our words and actions draw them to the eternal Truth and salvation?