Attention: Spiritually Hungry and Malnourished Catholics!

Starving to learn and/or be challenged in your Faith? Don't know where to begin? Try one or all four volumes of  Pondering Tidbits of Truth!!!

We are all busy people. There are probably more than a few days when we give God little or no consideration - not because we don’t love Him or don’t have a desire to get closer to Him or to learn more about Him or what He expects of us -but because we are overwhelmed by the responsibilities and trials of our earthly lives.

Let me ask you a few questions? Have you promised God that you would "fit Him" in that busy schedule of yours, but have not been successful in doing so? Perhaps you have not yet seen the value in making time for spiritual reading in your daily life. Are you among those who have approached spiritual reading as being worse than going to a dentist? Are you at the point in your spiritual life where you sense God prodding you to spend more time each day reading, pondering and reflecting on the truths of your Catholic faith, but you do not know where to begin or how you will find the time to do so? Fret no more. The hard work has been done for you.

Each of the four volumes of Pondering Tidbits of Truth sets forth 100 quotations from ancient and contemporary Catholics that will challenge and inspire you. 

Spend just five minutes a day on one quotation. Chew on it. Dissect it. Debate it. Repeat it. Recall it during the course of your waking hours. What is that quotation saying to you? Is there something in it that you need to apply to your life and spiritual journey? Stay with that pearl of wisdom until its truth penetrates your heart and soul. Then move on to the next quotation and begin the process anew. 

Reading the quotations in Pondering Tidbits of Truth is a simple but sure-fire way to make certain you spend some time every day thinking about, and being in the presence of, the God who loves you and desires to spend eternity with you. It is an inspiring way to learn more about the Catholic Faith. 

It is time to end your spiritual malnutrition! Read these faith-enriching quotations - one soul-stirring morsel at a time! 

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Excerpts from Reviews

“The Truth comes in handy. Pondering Tidbits of Truth has a prominent place on my reference shelf.” – Faith Flaherty

“Keep copies of these books strewn around the house. Pondering Tidbits of Truth by Michael Seagriff are the type of books that should be kept in the bathroom. There should also be a copy on your nightstand (to give you something to think about as you drift off to sleep), underneath the remote control for the T.V. (so you can mute the commercials and nourish your soul), and in your car (to read as you wait for your kids to finish their activity). Michael provides a collection of quotes from spiritual giants, snippets of truth and wisdom that we can ingest in bite size morsels. Over time, if we take advantage of his hard work, our lives may be led down a better path for each of us.” - Dennis P. McGeehan

"Another invaluable source of saintly wisdom and Church teaching. In a world where the truth is so twisted, this little volume sets the reader straight...I enjoy these compilations immensely." - Anne Costa

“Looking for some good, brief spiritual reading. Mike Seagriff’s slim volume, Pondering Tidbits of Truth, fills the bill, helping to re-orient our spiritual compasses, leading our hearts and souls to God, while recharging our spiritual batteries. Very enjoyable, unusual quotes from great Roman Catholic spiritual leaders and thinkers.” - Armand DiScenna

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About the Author: He is a Lay Dominican, retired attorney and administrative law judge who has also served as the coordinator of a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel and of a prison ministry program. In addition to his eight books, Homiletic & Pastoral Review, The Catholic Sun, Catholic,, Catholic, Catholic Writers Guild Blog, and have published articles he has written.