Virtual Book Tour - Charlotte's Honor by Ellen Gable

My friend and author, Ellen Gable, hits the ball out of the park once again!

At the conclusion of her last novel, Julia’s Gift, she promised a sequel that would reunite us with Julia’s close friend, Charlotte. The wait for this book seemed interminable. Thankfully, with the publication of Charlotte’s Honor, we need not wait any longer!

We rejoin Charlotte amidst the horrors of war and follow her journey and unlikely relationship with Dr. Paul Kilgallen. Death and the threat of death are their constant companions. Both also face the heavy personal burden of having lost a loved one. As if all these challenges were not enough, Charlotte and Dr. Kilgallen are forced to defend a vile and vicious attack upon their personal and professional reputations. Neither abandons their work to save lives, console the dying, or hope for a better future.

Charlotte volunteers to work in the death ward, intent on having no soldier die alone. She reads to them, sings to them, plays music for them, smiles at them, gazes into their eyes, and holds their hands as they slip from unimaginable pain and suffering into the embrace of an eternal God. 

Dr. Kilgallen is sent to the front lines where his surgical skills are most needed. After he is seriously wounded, the doctor realizes his deep love for Charlotte. Will he ever see her again?

True to form, Gable has put together another great read. The one consistent response that I and most of her readers have had with respect to all of her books is the inability to put them down! The chapters are just the right length, always ending in a fashion that only a fool would not flip the page and continue reading – no matter what personal chores will remain undone or the hour of the day or night. This is the reason why I devour this author’s books. You will do the same.

But I must ask Ellen a pressing question: Will we really have to wait another full year before the final sequel is published? Have a heart!

Other reviewers agree:

Carolyn Astfalk,  - “Charlotte’s Honor includes a little bit of everything: WWI history, sweet romance, and a little mystery/suspense. This page-turning love story (it’s a fast read!) is built on a foundation of faith and above all, the dignity of human life. Charlotte devotes herself to the care of dying soldiers. It is through this calling that Charlotte meets and falls in love with Paul, a skilled surgeon who has closed his heart to the possibility of romance. Expect a little humor amidst the backdrop of wartime brutality and a couple of surprises along the way. Charlotte’s Honor is not only a pleasant romantic escape but edifying as well.”

Erin McCole Cupp - Charlotte's Honor is a delight from start to finish, giving readers a poignant, uplifting look at life and love during the Great War. This latest treat from Ellen Gable had me turning pages, clenching my teeth with the suspense, and then sighing with absolute joy at the satisfying end. Another sweet read--bring on the next in the series!

Theresa Linden - “Set toward the end of the Great War, Charlotte’s Honor allows readers to glimpse ugliness and death, blossoming relationships, and the most challenging experiences a person could face, juxtaposing the brutality of war with the beauty of sacrificial love.

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