Eucharistic Reflection - Let There Be No Estrangement

(Photo©Michael Seagriff)

“In vain would one justify his estrangement from Holy Communion by vain pretexts. Such excuses turn against us and serve only to prove that we should receive Communion more often. Do we shudder, for example, for not having much piety? Then one must approach the Divine Eucharist, since it is a consuming fire, capable of kindling the most lukewarm hearts. Do we feel ourselves filled with weaknesses and imperfections? We should have recourse to Holy Communion: it is the bread of the strong, the milk of the weak, the remedy for the sick, the energy for the traveler who advances in the ways of perfection up to the mountain of God. Do we experience temptations, especially against purity? Do we notice other passions rising up in our soul? The wheat of the elect and the wine which makes virgins flower will produce in us chaste thoughts, well-ordered desires, and affections completely spiritual and angelic. Do we find ourselves too attached to ourselves, to the things of this world? The Eucharist, which is the bread come down from Heaven, will inspire a great indifference to creatures and an ever-growing desire for eternal life."

(From Instructions for Novices by Blessed Hyacinthe-Marie Cormier, O.P.)