Monday Musings - Guest Blog by Jim Dooher - IRELAND! MY IRELAND! HOW COULD YOU?!!

[What follows is a powerful and passionate response to Ireland's recent betrayal of its Catholic heritage, written by my friend, Jim Dooher, a cradle Catholic.

He spent 20 years as a psychiatric social worker and provided individual, marriage and family counseling services. His letters to the editor have been published in local and national newspapers, secular and religious. Jim is a staunch defender of the right to life and currently serves as Secretary for the Syracuse Right to Life Association. He has been a Lector and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for over 30 years. 

Jim is a fearless and outspoken defender of the Catholic Faith and a warrior in the fight to save souls.]

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

My eyes are red, my soul cries out, my mind is confused, my heart is broken. Ireland! My beautiful Ireland! the resting place of my Catholic heritage, the legacy left to me by my ancestors. I held out hope for you twice in 3 years. Oh, how you disappointed me! How could you betray my Catholic heritage?! How could you betray my ancestors?! How could you betray your country?! How could you betray St. Patrick? How could you betray your Catholic Church?! How could you betray those helpless human beings within the womb?! How could you betray God?!

First, you voted for sodomy in the form of same-sex 'marriage' to place it on the same level as traditional marriage which God created. You voted to make a mockery of marriage. Was it Political Correctness that you had in mind? Was it a sincere belief in the false anti-god LGBTQ Movement whose tentacles have 'imprisoned' you? Was it sympathy for the gay community? These are all decoys to rob you of your own humanity by seducing you into inhumane actions...having used your vote to persecute the Sacrament of Marriage. Is your vote your statement that what was once correct, what was once traditional, what was once a Sacrament, what was once Moral was only a sham? Was all for naught? How could you, Ireland, betray yourself by falling for a false god?!

Now you have voted to make a mother's womb the most dangerous place in Ireland. How could you? What were you thinking of? Like Lady Macbeth you will now have 'blood on your hands.' Could you not see the consequences of an abortion vote, of an abortion victory? Were you enticed by the Feminist Movement? Did you not learn from other countries, such as the United States? Do you not see what is 'down the road'? Can't you see that euthanasia will be the next step?  those who are deemed as not able to 'no more contribute to society,' such as the elderly sick, the physically disabled person, the mentally handicapped by birth or by accident or by chemical imbalance? Look at other countries how they have become spiritually impoverished because they placed themselves upon God's level; they have abandoned God. They have become sacrilegious. Your politicians and courts will see to it that the 12 weeks will stretch to 6 months and then to the day of birth.  Blood will run in the slaughter of these innocents.

Our Lord said: “Love your neighbor as yourself for love of Me.” Ireland, do not say that you love God, do not say you love your fellow-man if you do not love your neighbor in the womb.

Your Catholic Church leaders misled you as well as your political parties. Most of your bishops said that you should vote according to your conscience. All your political parties wanted you to vote Yes to the repeal of the 8th Amendment. Most if not all your party leaders originally campaigned on pro-life issues, then morphed into quislings.

As in the United States and other countries you will have a Gosnell-ian society where physicians will forsake their Hippocratic oath for the greed of money......not to 'help' the pregnant woman.  Pregnancy will now be looked upon as an invasive malcontent on a woman's life and lifestyle. The natural maternal instincts will be minimized to non-existence yet the innate nature of motherhood will haunt the conscience and cause severe psychological, emotional and mental anxiety and guilt. Those of you 65% who voted for Repeal of the 8th Amendment will have blood on your hands. And no amount of “Out! Out! Damned Spot” will do away the 'bloodied hands' syndrome. Only turning back to God and asking for forgiveness and trying to undo within your power the horror you heaped upon the Unborn by your vote can the 'blood' on your 'hands' and on your conscience and on your soul be washed away.

God planned from eternity that a particular life should be created and be born at this time and that that child has his/her place in this world as part of God's eternal plan.

“Before the world was made, I loved you. When there was no earth, no sun, no angels, I knew you were to be, when you would appear, what place you would have in My plan, how long you would live, what thoughts you would think and what prayers you would pray – and I loved you. Time never was when I did not love you. My making you was the expression of My infinite, eternal love, as the kiss you bestow is the expression of your finite love.” (My Other Self  by Clarence J. Enzler, p.13).

And now, Ireland, you have voted to jeopardize God's plans. You are deciding when a human being in the womb is to die, not God. What blasphemy against God. Heaven weeps for you, Ireland, that once Catholic country that has bowed to Satan's wishes.

May God have mercy on you!