Eucharistic Reflection - Into the Silence of Mary and of the Host

"But Mary kept all these words, pondering them in her heart. (Luke 2:19)"

"And his mother kept all these words in her heart. (Luke 2:51)"

"Saint John shows us Our Lady in silence at the foot of the Cross; even when Jesus addresses her from the Cross, she remains silent. It is enough for her to receive His word into her maternal Heart pierced by a sword of sorrow…

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
The silence of Mary leads one into the silence of the Host. Of this silence of the Host I have spoke to you before. Friends and lovers speak one to the other to express what they hold in their hearts; once these things have been expressed, it is enough for them to remain united one to the other in the silence that is the more perfect expression of their love. So many souls are afraid of the silence into which Our Lord would lead them if only they would let Him. Fear is what causes souls to hide behind a barrage of words and concepts. Our Lord’s desire is to unite us directly to Himself by means of faith, hope, and especially, of love. The theological virtues do not require words. Words, in fact, can impede the pure expression of the theological virtues in a prayer that seeks to rise above them…

There are, of course, times when words are useful and necessary to one’s human weakness and to the need one has to be reassured of Our Lord’s love, but in the end, silence is the purest expression of Our Lord’s love for us and of our love for Him. Little by little, Our Lord sets about leading a monk into the silence of unitive love. Words remain to some degree necessary, but they come to occupy a relative place in one’s adoration. Silence, after a while, no longer provokes a kind of panic. One begins to find contentment in the silence of the Host."