Worth Revisiting - This Is One Forgotten Truth We Must Rediscover!

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I wanted to share the following post:


This Is One Forgotten Truth We Must Rediscover! 

(Originally published August 17, 2015)

No surprise - our world is in utter chaos and confusion. 
Conduct that has always been deemed morally wrong is now proclaimed right and woe to those who have the audacity to disagree. 
(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
More tears and public angst fill our airwaves and cyberspace over an American dentist who killed a lion in a wild life preserve, whales that beach themselves on our shores, or the callous destruction of baby swan eggs than the brutal dismemberment and murder of human life encased within a mother's womb or the subsequent sale of their body parts. 

We refuse to recognize the child in utero as a person whose life is protected under both God's law and our Constitution, yet think nothing of trying to convince a Court to extend constitutional protection and rights to animals or to rule that it is preferable for farms and humans to go without water than to disrupt the habitat of some snail.
Let us pray that we will come to our senses, while we still have time to do so, and reorient our individual lives and our cultures to the fundamental Truth our loving and merciful Lord shared with St. Catherine of Siena: 


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