What Are We Catholics Thinking?

Father Florian Racine minced no words in his book, Could You Not Watch With Me One Hour? when he wrote: "...to the Real Presence of Jesus, we often respond with our total absence!"

Father is not alone in encouraging Catholics to end their neglect of our Eucharistic Lord. I have complied more than 250 quotations from across the centuries (many from our Lord Himself) begging us to visit, adore and spend time with Him. He is imprisoned and hidden in His Churches behind locked tabernacle doors where for all practical purposes He is abandoned and ignored.  

He is waiting for the gift of your presence:

Here is what my big sister, Patricia Grant, had to say: "I'm still reading Slumbering Souls and wanted to thank you for re-awaking my adoration and love of Jesus." 

What do you think of opinion  offered by my fellow adorer and friend, Christine M. Arabik, M.S.:

Stirring Slumbering Souls is a beautiful anthology from saints, mystics and friends of Jesus. This book has the potential to facilitate deeper reflection and response for its readers who truly seek to grow in their faith and appreciation for the Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. For some, just one quote could bring the moment of change and profound conversion for which they have longed. For others, this will be a companion to them in their prayer times at home and in Church. As for me, it will be among my select and treasured go-to spiritual books.
Thinking that maybe my sister and friend may not be objective enough? What about these fine folk?

Let us pray that more will come to love and adore our Lord as He desires and deserves.