Book Review of Stirring Slumbering Souls - 250 Eucharistic Reflections by Mary Lothers

Every author writes in hopes of touching the mind and souls of those who read what he has put on paper. It is always humbling to receive feedback from those who have something to say after finishing your book. 

Here is what my fellow Lay Dominican sister and friend, Mary Lothers, had to say about Stirring Slumbering Souls - 250 Eucharistic Reflections:

"So many craddle Catholics have been fortunate enough to live their entire lives surrounded by beautiful examples of what it means to live their lives as TRULY practicing vs. à la cart Catholics. They openly and joyfully profess their love not just for Jesus Christ, but also for His Church.

So, what does it mean to BE Catholic? To live as one every single day? 

I'm reminded of a series of talks given by the Dominican friars in our parish several years ago. Some suggestions were made that we should fully embrace ALL THINGS that 'show' the world we are Catholic, such as never taking the Lord's name in vain, and never eating meat on Friday. If we were to fully - and wisely - follow the example of these wonderful priests, we would also dedicate a daily Holy Hour to Our Lord. 

Since I cannot claim to have faithfully followed all their advice, I will always welcome reminders, sometimes not sugar-coated, that will serve to bring me closer to Our Lord. And thus, I am so appreciative of Michael Seagriff's apostolate! As I see it, he loves Christ’s one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. He writes to draw souls into the loving embrace of an ever-present but often forgotten Lord. He challenges us to give God the love and reverence He deserves and to which He is entitled. 

As our brother in Christ, and often at the cost of relationships, he best honors God's glory by looking out for the 'salvation of souls' through the use of his writing gift. If we don't think that we need Adoration for our own sakes, for our own intentions or salvation, then let us go because HE asked that we "Watch One Hour" with Him. And let us go, so that we can set the example for those who must one day take our places.
Thank you, Mike, for watching with Our Lord and taking on the very difficult task of preaching to the choir. This book is extraordinary, so rich with hundreds of heartfelt quotes by so many of our Church's Fathers, Doctors, Saints, and Blesseds! 

There are so many decisions we each make daily that lead us towards or away from holiness. The saints were never perfect. But each day, aware of God's unconditional forgiveness and love, they set out to strive for holiness, and to love each other and God as He loves us. If we were not sure what role Eucharistic Adoration has played in the making of our saints,  Stirring, Slumbering Souls leaves ZERO doubt! 

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