Blog Tour and Book Review - A Storytellers Guide to a Grace-Filled Life by Tony Agnesi

I don't recall the exact day several years ago that I stumbled upon Tony Agnesi's blog and podcast but I know that I have thanked God for leading me to him. 

Tony is an inspirational storyteller, author and blogger. His Sunday blog and Wednesday podcasts have an international audience. I rarely miss them. 

He is a frequent guest on Catholic Radio, a member of the Radio and Television Hall of Fame, and the Catholic Writers Guild. At one point, his blog ranked in the top three internationally in the Religion/Spirituality category.

When Tony asked me to review his first book, one many of us have been eagerly awaiting, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew he would not disappoint his readers. 
Here is my review: 

Good storytellers are becoming an endangered species. Most good ones have rich imaginations and the ability to craft words that hold one’s attention as a magnet embraces lead. Rare, however, is the successful storyteller who draws an audience by simply sharing his every day journey to make sense of his own life while being conscious of the needs and struggles of the people he encounters on the street, at Church, in a pharmacy, at a restaurant, in jail, or while battling cancer.

A Storytellers Guide to a Grace-Filled Life by Tony Agnesi is one of those rare books that everyone should read. It contains more than 70 short soul-searching-tales guaranteed to penetrate the hardest of hearts and provide hope to distressed and overburdened souls.

Tony revels in the joy of discovering the God he loves and seeks to serve hidden behind sick, disabled and troubled souls. He is just as quick to point out his own weaknesses and struggles and where he has fallen short.  He does so with much humility. And always..always…without exception, God is close at hand. Tony’s tales are authentic, faith-filled, and inspiring.

Don't just take my word. Read what others have written:

I discovered Tony from his weekly online blog posts and was immediately hooked. When this book came out the purchase was a no brainier. Tony's easy-going, laid back style and his skill at explaining church teachings using "real-life" examples in simple, straight forward language made this book a joy to read. He is truly a talented writer and storyteller and you will absolutely enjoy this book! I cannot recommend this book more. Also, please check out his weekly blog posts online which I thoroughly enjoy. These posts provide me with weekly spiritual direction without having a dedicated spiritual director. Thank you Tony!

Michael Ferreira

Tony offers heartfelt insights and wisdom gathered over a lifetime of service to others, and provides practical application of these lessons for everyday life. A good read packaged in short, entertaining and comprehensive stories.

Chuck Eberhart

I read this book on New Year's Day and felt like it was the best way to start the New Year. Tony's stories ping the heartstrings and he gives no-nonsense tips on how to lead a grace-filled life. Read about the man who in response to "how are you" responds "I am blessed." Isn't that just the best way to respond to such a question, instead of "fine, thank you." I think Tony has discovered the secret to how we can have joy. 

Connie Ebaugh
If there is any fault with this book, it is simply too short. The good news is that Tony promises more to come.

Go get your copy of A Storytellers Guide to a Grace-Filled Life today. For a limited time, you can purchase an autographed copy directly from Tony here The book is also available at or at Barnes and Noble.