Eucharistic Reflection - Look Into Yourself

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

When you come into church, genuflect or make a profound bow and say, "O Jesus, it's good to be here." Talk to Him; don't ignore Him... Pour our your heart to Him. There is nothing that we have, illness, trials or tribulations that He can't remedy. So pour our your love to Him.

Is it difficult to love Him? Why? A cat gets move love than the Lord Jesus Christ. My dogs get more love than the Lord Jesus Christ, and it breaks my heart. The clothes we wear probably get more attention than the Lord Jesus Christ. What are we all about? Are we about rubies and diamonds and coats and cars and furniture, or are we all about Jesus?

Let’s look within ourselves. He loves us so much, Even if we ignore Him, He pursues us by grace. What a lover. I tell you one thing, you’ve never been kissed until you have been kissed by the Lord. You’ve never been loved until you have been loved by the Lord. Now is the hour. Fall in love with Jesus...

(Eileen George from Beacon of God’s Love: Her Teaching)