Book Review - Fatima- The Apparition That Changed The World by Jean M. Heimann

Not A Mere Remembrance

On October 13, 1917, more than seventy thousand individuals watched (many in absolute terror) as the sun danced in the sky before plummeting towards frightened onlookers. Many expected to die. Just as suddenly, the sun stopped its deathly spiral and returned to its normal perch, sitting passively in the sky – just a portion of the miracle Our Lady of Fatima had promised her three young seers, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco.

Although we recently marked the 100th anniversary of this supernatural event, relatively few people in the world even knew it had occurred and of those who did, not nearly enough of them have heeded our Blessed Mother’s call to prayer, repentance and penance. Tragically, our heavenly Mother’s appearances and pleas have been, for the most part, forgotten or ignored.

But not by Jean M. Heimann. This well-respected author wanted to not only memorialize this great miracle but to do something about the world’s amnesia, moral decay and near destruction. In her most recent book, Fatima -The Apparition That Changed the World, Heimann makes Fatima and our Lady’s messages come to life, not only with words but with breathtakingly beautiful photographs. The timeline and bibliography she included in this book are treasure troves of additional resources.

In this concise, easy to read, informative and well-organized volume, the reader will find all that is necessary to understand the meaning of Fatima and to respond to the battle to save souls. Heimann does not want us to forget that Mother Mary predicted World War II would occur if we did not heed her words. We didn’t and it did.

We now belatedly realize that the 20th century was the bloodiest in all of human history. It might have been different had we listened to our Mother. We must not forget that Our Lady also warned us that even further catastrophes await a world that refuses to listen and obey her Son. We should believe her. Just look around the world and see the destruction of families and sexual mores.

For Jean Heimann, the messages of Our Lady of Fatima are not merely historical artifacts to be kept on a shelf collecting dust. They are an on-going urgent plea to pray (especially the Rosary), to fast, and to repent. We owe a debt of gratitude to this author for writing this book at this time in our history.

Fatima – The Apparition That Changed the World is not a mere remembrance of a supernatural event. It is, as Father James M. Sullivan, O.P. recently wrote, a reminder of the “need for reparation for sin and for sacrifices to be made for the conversion of sinners.”

Fools indeed we would be if we ignore our Mother’s directions.

I was blessed to receive a review copy of this outstanding book. So impressed have I been with it, that I ordered copies for my children.

I highly recommend that you order a copy for yourself and those you love. You can purchase it here.