Worth Revisiting - Hearts Have Grown Cold

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Monday Musings - Hearts Have Grown Cold

(Originally posted on March 6, 2017)

Our world, country and Church are in turmoil - all because we have turned our backs to God. We think we know better than He.

So prideful and self-centered have we become that we treat Him far too often as an unnecessary outdated crutch whom only weak and fearful people need. We prefer instant earthly pleasure rather than deferred eternal joy. We want to impose our will on Him rather than conforming ours to His.

But it is not too late to allow Him to change our hearts and to lead us into His eternal embrace. But we must make that choice. He will not force Himself on us, not even on His priests.

The way back is very simple - we need only to humble ourselves and place ourselves in His Presence. He remains imprisoned and ignored in the tabernacles of His Churches waiting for our visits and our love. 

The fact that so many of His creatures have abandoned Him is the second greatest tragedy of our time - the first being the number of priests who no longer treasure His Presence here among us.
No priest has a prayer of faithfully fulfilling his demanding duties and leading souls to heaven who does not make the Eucharist the center of his daily life - nothing can be more important than spending at least an hour each day conversing with and listening to  Jesus the High Priest. He, and He only, can make things right.
Not much has changed since Jesus chastised Peter, James and John for "not watching one hour" with Him. Despite repeated pleas over the centuries that His priests spend an hour in His Presence each day, not enough of them have obeyed Him. Jesus still waits for His priests.

Among His current messengers is a Benedictine monk whose has written a journal entitled In Sinu Jesu- When Heart Speaks to Heart. This is a book that should be placed in the hands of every priest. I have no connection with the author, have not been asked to promote this book and have not and will not receive any financial remuneration for doing so.
I am just a simple soul who has spent years trying to promote Eucharistic Adoration. I believe our priests should heed Jesus' request that they give Him one hour of their day in prayerful adoration and intimate conversation. 

Share these words this faithful monk received from our Lord with every priest you know. Then consider giving that priest a copy of this book:

“My Heart grieves over so many priests who have no desire to approach Me in the Sacrament of My love. Their hearts have grown cold, but My Heart burns with love for them still. How I suffer from their coldness, their indifference, their lack of desire for Me and for the friendship I offer them. I make Myself a beggar before them. I plead with them to accept My friendship and to give Me each day but an hour of their time. So much of their time is wasted pursuing things of no value, things of no consequence, and I, all the while, wait for them to come to Me…I do not ask that my priests live all day in church, as did My faithful servant John Vianney, but I do ask of every priest one hour in My presence, one hour in the light of My Eucharistic Face, one hour close to My Heart. Let them come to Me, and I will do for them more than they can ask or imagine.”