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Worth Revisiting - Of Mute and Silent Tabernacles and Lifeless Hosts

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[I share the following thoughts with a renewed sense of urgency. We are spinning our wheels and jeopardizing souls if we do not become lovers of the Eucharist.]

Eucharistic Reflection - Of Mute and Silent Tabernacles and Lifeless Hosts 

(Originally posted September 22, 2015)

“We ministers of the Lord, for whom the Tabernacle has become mute and silent, the stone of consecration cold, the Host a venerable, but lifeless, memento: have been unable to turn souls from their evil. How could we ever draw them out of the mire or forbidden pleasures?

And yet we have talked to them about the joys of religion and of good conscience. But because we have not known how to slake our own thirst at the living waters of the Lamb, we have mumbled and stuttered in our attempts to portray those ineffable joys, the very desire of which would have shattered the chains of the triple concupiscence much more effectively than all our thundering tirades about hell…Our lips have been unable to speak the language of the Heart of Him Who loves men, because our converse with Him has been as infrequent as it has been cold.

Let us not try to shift all the blame onto the profoundly demoralized state of society. After all, we have only to look, for example, at the effect on completely de-Christianized parishes of the presence of sensible, active, devoted, capable priests, but priests who were, above all, lovers of the Eucharist.”
(From  The Soul of The Apostolate by Jean Baptiste Chautard, OCSO)

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