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Worth Revisiting - Do Something - He Is Still Thirsting For Your Love

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Do Something - He Is Still Thirsting For Your Love 

(Originally posted on August 11, 2014)

Do you become upset when you see our Lord ignored or disrespected?

I hope so!

I frequently write about the lack of reverence toward, and belief in, our Lord’s Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament and His on-going thirst to be loved by each of us. If you are interested, you can read some of my past posts on this subject here and here.

In fact, I even wrote a book, I Thirst for Your Love – one which author, speaker and ETWN host, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, has highly recommended. This is what she has written:

"Tender, earnest, and heartfelt—I Thirst For Your Love is an excellent collection of beautiful poignant Eucharistic reflections. Author Michael Seagriff believes we have lost the sense of the Sacred and offers countless reasons for us to pause and ponder Jesus’ Sacred thirst for our love. I highly recommend this book." 

Donna-Marie is not alone in her support for this book. Catholic Radio Host, and Author of Lord I Hurt!, Refresh Me, Lord! and Embracing Edith Stein, Anne Costa shared the following:

"As I was reading [this book] I just kept thinking how urgent is this message. You say it with clarity and charity. Anyone reading this book will not be able to resist the 'wooing' of our Saviour to His wounded heart. As a woman, the holy gift of my receptivity resides and is invigorated by His Eucharistic presence. Jesus in the tabernacle is our only hope, quenching His thirst our single aim."

Over the years I have witnessed nearly every type of irreverence to the Eucharist one can imagine. My most recent experience is inexplicable, heartbreaking and shameful:

The tabernacle had been removed from this Church’s beautiful marble altar. It had been there so long, the outline of its shape was still readily visible on the marble to which it had been affixed. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords had been evicted from His earthly home and replaced with a wicker basket containing artificial flowers.

Is there any wonder why so many Catholics no longer believe?

The duty to help reinstate a sense of awe, amazement, respect and love for His Eucharistic Presence rests with each of us.

My little book, I Thirst for Your Love, will not bring these practices to a halt. But it is a start, a way of bringing attention to this pressing issue, of challenging liturgical abuses, and encouraging prayers and acts of Reparation to our often abandoned, ignored and waiting Lord.

By purchasing copies of this book, you will not only help this on-going struggle to educate and promote belief in our Eucharistic Lord. You will also be providing much needed financial assistance to the Benedictine Monks of Perpetual Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament who will share in any profit generated by sales of this book. The vital charism of this religious order includes praying before our Eucharistic Lord for the sanctification of all priests. Their Prior, Dom Mark, has contributed five outstanding articles to this collection.

If you are interested, you can purchase copies here or at Amazon.com.

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