Eucharistic Reflection - I Contemplate You and My Heart Breaks!

“I contemplate You, red with blood and dying for me, O Jesus, most pure Ideal of my soul! If, giving my life, I could save Yours! But it necessary that my Treasure should die to give me the life of grace and of love.

Photo©Michael Seagriff
My heart breaks upon contemplating that innocent Body broken, but it is my own doing, and I tremble upon contemplating it! But, nonetheless, since I have been the cause of Your suffering, I wish to console You…and with my breath…and with my voluntary sacrifices, and with all the tenderness of my heart, today I want to bring You solace…I will never offend You again, my Jesus, and from now on I will give You only caresses…the best of my soul, my vitality, my entire being, hiding You from Your enemies deep in my heart.

That pierced forehead…I  am going to soothe with all my tenderness!

Those locks, soaked in blood_ I will kiss them lovingly, a thousand times!

I will remove Your crown, and I will set it on my head, because the thorns are only for me…for You, happiness, not suffering; this is for me.

And that wounded Heart…and that volcano of love , and that wound…that fire!...Jesus, Jesus, what can I tell You!