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" "In the first place it should be known that if a person is seeking God, his beloved is seeking him much more." — St. John of the Cross

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Eucharistic Reflection - O Unfathomable Good - Ah Sweet-Tasting Bread of Heaven - Ah, Eternal Wisdom

O unfathomable good that fills heaven and earth, incline Yourself graciously this day, and despise not Your poor creature. Lord, if I am not worthy of You, yet do I stand in need of You. Ah, gentle Lord,, are You not He Who with one word created heaven and earth? Lord with one word can You not restore health to my sick soul? O Lord, do unto me according to Your grace, according to Your infinite mercy, and not according to my desserts. Yes, You are the innocent Paschal Lamb, which at this day is still offered up for the sins of mankind.

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Ah, sweet-tasting bread of heaven, which contains all sweet tastes according to the desire of everyone’s heart, make the hungry mouth of my soul to rejoice in You this day; give me to eat and to drink; strengthen, adorn and unite me interiorly to You.

Ah, Eternal Wisdom, come down so powerfully this day into my soul, that all my enemies may be driven out of her, all my crimes be melted away, and all my sins be forgiven. Enlighten my understanding with the light of true faith. Inflame my will with Your sweet love. Cheer up my mind with Your glad Presence, and give virtue and perfection to all my powers. Watch over me at my death, that I may enjoy Your beatific vision in eternal bliss. Amen.

(From Little Book of Wisdom by Blessed Henry Suso, O.P.)

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