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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Revisting Wednesday" - A Simple Reflection on Mary's Fiat

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I thought I would share the following:

A Simple Reflection on Mary's Fiat 

(Originally posted December 8, 2014)

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[I am recycling this simple reflection which got lost amid an earlier and lengthier post.]

In Luke's Gospel (1:26-38) we hear the angel Gabriel’s familiar greeting to our heavenly Mother Mary: “Hail full of grace”. We repeat that salutation every time we pray the “Hail Mary”.  As a result, we sometimes forget the significance of those words and the rest of this Scripture passage. 

When told by the angel that she, a virgin, would conceive the God-man, she asked him: “How can that be?” His reply – she would conceive not naturally but by the power of the Holy Spirit - was all Mary needed to hear. Without further hesitation, she said “let it be done to me according to thy word”.

How often have we said “How can this be?” in response to promptings we have received – some no doubt from the Holy Spirit? Luke's Gospel should be an unmistakable reminder that, like Mary,  we must also say “Yes” to whatever God asks of us, knowing and trusting He will give us whatever assistance is necessary to fulfill His request.

Mary’s “fiat” changed the eternal fate of mankind. In a similar but lesser way, God will use our “Yes” to His invitations to change the hearts and souls of those known to Him.

But remember: He will not use us, if we say “No” to Him.

Pray that we may never let our selfishness and fear deprive us of the privilege of being part of God’s perfect plan.

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