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" “The trouble with the world is me.” - St Catherine of Siena

Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Musings - A Corpus Christi Lament

When we entered Church yesterday on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, was it any different than walking into a movie theater, a school auditorium or other public place? 

How much consideration was given to He Who is really truly and substantially present here among us? 

Or was most of our attention showered on the people around us? Did the din of idle conversation, loud voices and banter belie any authentic belief in the Real Presence of our Lord and Savior behind the tabernacle’s locked doors?

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How painful such conduct is to the Lord who suffered and died for us in order that we might live eternally with Him. Not even a Solemnity that He requested caused some to focus their attention on Him.

For many, Sunday is the only day they come into His Presence. Yet they act like He is not there. In far too many parishes, it is more important to be friendly and chatty with each other than to spend time in silence, prayer and preparation for the Mass. 

What an opportunity some pastors lost yesterday by failing to remind us that our living and loving Lord is in the tabernacle waiting to be acknowledged, worshiped, adored, visited and loved.

How many of us were properly prepared to receive and consume His Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity?

For another year, too many souls did not hear any of those truths.

We should have been encouraged to be silent before Mass, to worship and talk to our Savior, not to our neighbor. We should have been told how lonely Jesus is as a prisoner in the tabernacle. We should have taken Him from behind that locked door and proudly, joyfully, prayerfully, reverently and expectantly carried Jesus through the streets of our community as a witness to believer and non-believer alike of this magnificent Gift.

How many were afraid and ashamed to process publicly with Him?

No wonder the un-churched  and those in other Christian denominations are not drawn to the Church Jesus established here on earth. He thirsts for those He loves to come, visit, adore and spend time with Him. Instead, so many act like He is not here among us.

All the money in the world will not correct the many injustices around us or satisfy the hunger of those who lack basic necessities. Man’s greatest need is to know, love, worship and adore our Lord and to become more like Him. When we do these things, we will act like Him, and out of love for Him, be Him to others.

Truth be told, we don't really believe in what Jesus teaches. We want to rely on ourselves and our earthly resources instead of Him. We forget that He and He alone is the answer to the pressing problems of our day - most especially our spiritual poverty. If we do not believe He is actually here among us and place our trust in Him, we will fail as individuals and as a Church community.

Maybe next year, on this most precious Solemnity, our actions as individuals and as a Church community will reflect a deep and abiding love and belief in His Real Presence among us.

Maybe next year when we enter His Churches, we will be struck by the silent, prayerful posture of His people and the inspiring and challenging words of His pastors.

Maybe next year our behaviors will match that which we profess to believe.

Maybe next year we will give the King of Kings and Lord of Lords the reverence and atention He deserves and to which He is entitled.

Maybe next year on Corpus Christi, we will even have enough faith to publicly process with Jesus through our community streets. 

For this we pray.

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