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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pondering Tidbits of Truth - September 10, 2015

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 Pondering Tidbits of Truth is my simple and inadequate way of providing nuggets of spiritual wisdom for you to chew on from time to time.


Father Francis Fernandez

"We may also recall today the obligation - at times grave - that we have to do everything possible so that no relative, friend or colleague or ours dies without the spiritual assistance that our Mother Church provides for the final moments of our journey [Viaticum-Last rites]. This is the best and most effective and perhaps the last possible manifestation of charity and affection towards those persons here on earth."

(From In Conversation With God, Vol 4:56.1)

Vatican II

“…Christ the Lord founded one Church and one Church only. However, many Christian communions present themselves to men as the true inheritors of Jesus Christ; all indeed profess to be followers of the Lord, but they differ in mind and go their different ways, as if Christ himself were divided Certainly, such division openly contradicts the Will of Christ, scandalizes the world, and damages that most holy cause, the preaching of the Gospel to every creature.”

(Decree on Ecumenism - Unitatis Redintegratio)

Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

"In the future there will be only two great capitals in the world: Rome and Moscow; only two temples, the Kremlin and St. Peters; only two tabernacles, the Red Square and the Eucharist; only two hosts, the rotted body of Lenin and the Christ Emmanuel; only two hymns, the Internationale and the Panis Angelicus ­ but there will be only one victory—if Christ wins, we win, and Christ cannot lose."

(From Cleveland Press, September 25, 1935)

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