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" "Our Lord is loved by so few, because few consider the pains He has suffered for us; but he that frequently considers them cannot live without loving Jesus." – Meditation on the Passion

Friday, August 21, 2015

Book Review - Finding Patience

How do you teach a young child about life: adjusting to a new home and school, family,  making friends, overcoming adversity, prayer, patience, persistence, and trust in God?

If you are Virginia Lieto, you write Finding Patience, the first in a planned series of children’s books on the virtues, taking care to construct a story filled with real life characters and colorful, eye-catching and thought provoking illustrations and images.

This is a fantastic book – and the type our children so sorely need in today’s confused and misguided world.  I have already ordered a copy for my granddaughter. She will love it! Order your copy today.


  1. Michael: I am so glad that you liked the book. I hope your granddaughter falls in love with the Livingstone girls and that they become fast friends! God bless!

  2. She will! I have no doubt.

    It may be a little premature but when is the next one coming out?