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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's "Worth Revisiting" Wednesday - And A Little Child Will Lead Them

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I thought I would share the following post:

And A Little Child Will Lead Them...
I joined more than a hundred others individuals in Syracuse, New York [today] in the annual March For Life. It was cold - an insignificant inconvenience in comparison to the innocent ones in our community and throughout this nation and the world who have lost their lives at the hands of an abortionist.

May our physical witness there today be a source of consolation to them and encouragement for more Catholics to become engaged in this essential battle to protect and save

I stood in the back of the group as it assembled after the march to hear the words of local pro-life leaders that included, among others, a mother of eight, the local coordinators of Forty Days For Life, and this area's stridently pro-life and courageous Congresswoman, Ann Marie Buerkle. Thank God they are among us. Pray for these women and for all who sacrifice and suffer much in their efforts to protect and save lives.

As inspiring and encouraging were the words of these women and of the prayers offered there today, it was the silent homily that occurred right in front of me but behind and outside the view of the assembled crowd that most touched my heart and left me filled with hope.

Two little girls about 4 and 6 years of age built a snow canvas on a nearby tree trunk. Both carefully and meticulously packed the snow as tightly as their little hands would allow them. Then with just as much attention and care, one of the girls carved out the image of the cross you see in the picture accompanying this post. She went back and repacked the snow around the now created cross to make sure the image would remain on this tree. She left but returned seconds later to get another look at her handiwork. After a brief pause, she waved good-bye to the image she had created and left the area with her family.

What prompted such young children to create such a powerful image? Only God knows but I would like to think the Holy Spirit used these little angels to remind us older folk of these immutable truths - the price Jesus paid for our sins, the suffering each of us will experience (and hopefully learn to embrace) in this lifetime, the promise of God's forgiveness for those who seek it, and the gift of eternal life for those who come to love and serve Him.

With little angels like the ones I saw today, success in the battle to defend the dignity of human life must be closer than we think.


  1. Especially timely, given the news yesterday. Thank you for your witness.

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