(Photo from Father Lawrence Lew, O.P. - God’s Excessive Love - Used With Permission)
" "In the first place it should be known that if a person is seeking God, his beloved is seeking him much more." — St. John of the Cross

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Go Fly A Kite!

How can we let the month of May draw to a close without sharing yet another masterful narrative image of our Blessed Mother? We can't!

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

"She [Mary] holds all the great Truths of Christianity together;
as a piece of wood holds a kite. Children wrap the string of
a kite around a stick and release the string as the kite climbs
 to the heavens.

Mary is like that piece of wood. Around her we wrap all the
precious strings of the great 'Truths of our holy Faith—for example,
the Incarnation, the Eucharist, the Church.

No matter how far we get above the earth, as the kite may, we
always have need of Mary to hold the doctrines of the Creed together.

If we threw away, the stick, we would no longer have the kite;
If we threw away Mary, we would never have Our Lord.

He would be lost in the Heavens, like our runaway kite,
and  that would be terrible, indeed, for us on earth."

   (From The World’s First Love by Venerable Fulton J Sheen)

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