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" "In the first place it should be known that if a person is seeking God, his beloved is seeking him much more." — St. John of the Cross

Monday, April 20, 2015

Eucharistic Reflection - Let Us Not Be Mean With Our Time

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“Eucharistic piety should be centered above all on the celebration of the Lord's Supper, which perpetuates the pouring out of His love on the Cross. But it has a logical prolongation ...in the adoration of Christ in this divine Sacrament, in the Visit to the Blessed Sacrament, in prayer beside the Tabernacle, as well as in those other exercises of devotion both personal and collective, private and public, which you have been practicing for centuries ... Jesus waits for us in this Sacrament of Love. Let us not be mean with our time when it comes to going to meet Him in adoration, in contemplation that is filled with faith, and disposed to make reparation for the grave faults and crimes of the world.

(Saint John Paul II Address, October 31, 1982)

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