Eucharistic Reflection – Come to the Tabernacle

(Photo©Michael Seagriff)

“If you want to experience true peace, come to the Tabernacle.  Oh, what love you will feel.  My Father waits for you: He waits until you are ready to sit and honor His Son.  He waits for you to open your heart: to believe He is there, so that He can give you the warmth of His Love and His Peace.  For if you believe I am there, all things are possible.  What happened?  Your families before you, honored Me.  They sat with Me: talked with Me.  Churches were full, and because of their love for Me, and the one who sent Me, they did all they could for my Church. 

A lot has happened in the last 30 [40+] years.  I am the same God, yet there is no reverence for Me or my Son.  You come with your hands in your pockets, not folded in prayer; children eat, laugh and play in the real presence of my Son.  Some look away, as if they don’t know what to do; most don’t know who I am.  Come to the Tabernacle and learn who I am.  I am Love, Peace and Joy in your times of darkness, in your times of sorrow.  I have always loved you.  Do you remember, I died for you.

Come, Come to the Tabernacle so that I can teach you Who I am.”

                         (From Queen of All Hearts Magazine March-April 2005 by Karen Marzovilla, S.F.O.)