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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Book Review – Breaking Into Joy - Meditations for Living in the Love of Christ

The refrains of O Come Let Us Adore Him reverberate through many of our Churches and communities this Advent Season. For many, this is the most joyful time of year, filled with hope and love and thoughts which go beyond oneself and which seek to touch the hearts of others. But is it an authentic Joy?

Truth be told a sense of Joy is absent from so many of us during the rest of the year. We are called to be joyful people, EVERY DAY, regardless of the individual circumstances and daily struggles of our lives. Not easy to do admittedly. We can never be truly joyful if we rely solely on ourselves.

Our joyful smiling faces have far greater power to draw others to the Lord we love than the scowl or frown so frequently found on many of our faces.

We must be a joyful people! God commands this of us and provides us with the graces to do so. But we have to desire and accept those graces. But how do we change our frowns into smiles amidst the toils and even injustices of this life? How do we live authentic Joyful lives?

Let the noted and highly respected author, Anne Costa, provide you with a daily guide designed to encourage and equip you with the spiritual outlook, tools and homework God will use to transform you into the joyful person He has always intended you to be.

As well-written and inspiring as all of her other writings, Breaking Into Joy – Meditations for Living the Love of Christ is a must have book, one you will want to purchase for those you love. It can become a life-time companion.

Like many, I struggle with discouragement from time to time and have frowned my way through trying days. When I act that way, I do a disservice to the Lord I love and those He wishes me to draw toward Him. Anne has equipped me and the many more like me, to forget the frown and radiate the Joy we are so blessed to receive from God.

Don’t wait. Get your copy of Breaking into Joy – Meditations for Living the Love of Christ.

I highly recommend this book and can not wait to see the army of smiling, joyful Christian warriors this book will muster!

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