(Photo from Father Lawrence Lew, O.P. - God’s Excessive Love - Used With Permission)
" "…when a problem has robbed us of our peace, the most important thing is not to resolve the problem in the hope of regaining our peace, but to regain a minimum of peacefulness and then to see what we can do to face the problem.” – Father Jacques Phillpe

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Eucharistic Reflection - With A Heart Humbled and Broken With Grief

(Photo©Michael Seagriff)
Most adorable and most amiable Jesus! Ever full 
of love for us, ever touched with compassion for our 
miseries, ever actuated by the desire of making us 
partakers of Thy treasures, and of giving Thyself 
wholly to us: Jesus, my Savior and my God, Who, 
through an excess of the most ardent and most won- 
derful love, hast placed Thyself in the condition of a 
victim, in the Adorable Eucharist, where Thou offers 
Thyself for us in sacrifice so many times every day, 
what must be Thy sentiments in this state, at finding 
no return for all this, in the hearts of the greater part 
of men, but hardness, forgetfulness, ingratitude and 
Was it not enough. Oh my God, to have taken the most
painful means of saving us, when Thou could 
have shown us Thy excessive love at much less cost ? 
Was it not enough to abandon Thyself once to that cruel 
agony, and deadly sorrow, caused in Thee by the horrible
sight of our sins, with which Thou was loaded ? 
Why would Thou still expose Thyself daily to all the 
insults of which the unspeakable malice of men and 
devils is capable? 
Ah! my God and my most loving Redeemer, what
are the sentiments of Thy Sacred Heart at the sight
of all this ingratitude, and of all these sins ? 
How great was the bitterness with which so many
sacrileges, and so many outrages, afflicted and
tormented Thy Heart ? 
…With a heart humbled and broken with grief, I ask of 
Thee a thousand and a thousand times pardon for all these
indignities. Why cannot I, oh my God, wash with my 
blood every spot where Thy Sacred Heart has been 
so horribly outraged, and the greatest proof of Thy love 
received with such incredible contempt? 
…But oh, my beloved Savior, what covers me still 
more with confusion, and should fill me with greater 
grief is, that I also have been of the number of these
ungrateful souls…
 (From Devotion to the Sacred Heart by Father John Croiset, S.J.)

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