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" "Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin." — St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eucharistic Reflection - Why Do We Limit God's Power?

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“Is there any real difference between Jesus in heaven and Jesus in the Eucharist? No, it is the same Jesus. The only differ­ence is in us. We now on earth cannot see or touch Him with our senses. But that is not a limitation in Him; it is a limitation in us.

We speak correctly of believing in the Real Presence. But we should grow in our understanding of what this implies.

The living, breathing Jesus Christ is in the Blessed Sacra­ment. This is the reality. When we speak of presence, however, we are saying something more.

Two people may be really near each other physically, but not present to each other spiritually. To be present to someone means to have another person in mind by being mentally aware of their existence, and to have them in one's heart by loving that other person...

Jesus is on earth in the Blessed Sacrament. Why? In order that we might come to Him now no less than His contemporaries did in first century Palestine. If we thus approach Him in loving faith, there is no limit to the astounding things He will do. Why not? In the Eucharist ,He has the same human lips that told the raging storm, "Be still!" and commanded the dead man, "Lazarus, come forth!"

There are no limitations to Christ's power, as God, which He exercises through His humanity in the Eucharist. The only limi­tation is our own weakness of faith or lack of confidence in His almighty love.”

(From Soul Magazine by Servant of God, Father John A. Hardon, SJ)


  1. Too often, I think, do we limit God's work in us simply because we assess His power by our own weak standards.

    1. How right you are Barb. Our fear thwarts the intent of His grace.