(Photo from Father Lawrence Lew, O.P. - God’s Excessive Love - Used With Permission)
" "You must speak to Jesus, not only with your lips, but also with your heart; actually, on certain occasions, you should speak with only your heart." — St. Padre Pio

Monday, September 8, 2014

He Is Always At Our Side

One of the most frequently recommended spiritual practices is to be ever conscious that wherever we are, whatever we are doing, thinking, speaking - all of our earthly actions and failures to act - are done in the presence of God, Who is always at our side.

If our goal is to give Him glory we will soon amend our lives.


  1. Everyone can "practice the presence of God" as we were taught by the good nuns of my youth. Developing "triggers" to remind us to recall God's presence is easily possible today with digital alarms on watches and cell phones. I am constantly looking for anchors that when seeing and hearing them will cause me to turn to God amidst my daily chores. We need to spread this practice amongst our fellow Catholics.

    Michael, I read your latest book and wrote a review at my web site. Well done!

    1. Barb:

      I have an alarm set for three different times each day as a fail safe way of my not forgetting to pause and speak to the God Who loves me.

      I did see you outstanding review. Thank you. I am humbled by your generosity in reading the book and investing so much of your time in writing the review. You did a superb job in capturing its intent and purpose. The success of this simple effort to quench Our Lord's Thirst for our love rests in God's hands. I thank Him for using such gifted people as you as His assistants.