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Monday, September 22, 2014

Guest Post - God Bless America?

It is my privilege to introduce my friend and writers' group sidekick, Bernie Conklin. He is one of the most authentic Christian men I know. He and is wife Mary reside in upstate New York where, among many other things, they are very active in helping those in need.

Bernie loves to stir up passion for the Lord he loves and serves through his catchy, witty, insightful and challenging poetry. He also loves this great nation of ours and is ever ready to come to its defense and offer his opinion of what really ails it.. 

The recent remembrance of 9/11 attack on our country prompted him to share a poem he had written some time ago. If you like it, you'll enjoy his book, A Potpourri of Poetry: Simple Poems by A Simple Guy, available on Amazon.com

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)


God bless America, you ask of me?
Why should I pour forth my grace upon thee?

Your hypocrisy is a crying shame,
calling on me, then restrictions proclaim.

The hallowed halls I once considered home,
I am no longer permitted to roam.

You know how much I love the children so.
Yet to me in school you now say, "oh-no!"

My mere presence is simply not allowed;
with my relevance being disavowed.

Two minutes of silence at start of day
is forbidden for fear a child might pray.

An oath of office you swear on my name,
then exclude me from the government game.

My Ten Commandments on the doors appear
of the Supreme Court; they are very clear.

Yet others are forbidden, these judges say,
those same guidelines to publicly display.

I played a big part in the pilgrims' pride.
It was never required of me to hide.

For the sake of a few, you'd throw away
all those virtues that made you great today.

When things get trying you become contrite.
You appeal to me and my awesome might.

You have as a motto, "In God We Trust."
Now to remove my name, you feel you must.

To strike God from public jurisdiction,
Then seek my grace is a contradiction.

By belief in me was your freedom built.
Are you now content to let that faith wilt?

And in spite of how you have treated me,
I have forever shed my grace on thee.

America dear, I hereby submit
there's a higher power than you admit.

Rest assured my friend, I'll always love you.
But please search your soul, who really needs who?



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