Gazing In Silent Reflection at God's Creation

I sat in my car outside my daughter's home early one  morning while everyone else was still asleep. I intended to savor my cup of coffee in the silent shadows of the changing sky and to pray my daily rosary.

I pulled the beads out of my pocket. Just as I was about to make the Sign of the Cross, I  looked up and was mesmerized as the darkness of night was replaced with the light of day. Clouds became visible and began floating past my eyes. 

I was awed by the sight and stirred by the sounds of the new emerging day. How can anyone look at this miracle of creation and not see the hand and genius of God?

Belatedly, I thought to use the camera on my phone to capture and preserve some of what I saw and experienced that morning. I regret not having thought to do so earlier.

If you have never done so, take two minutes out of your day, at sunrise or sunset, sit silently by yourself,  and let God touch you as He did me.