(Photo from Father Lawrence Lew, O.P. - God’s Excessive Love - Used With Permission)
" "Most of the failure of good people in the discharge of their duty come to pass because they do not keep themselves sufficiently in the Presence of God." – St. Francis de Sales

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eucharistic Reflection - See Him

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
“The coming of Jesus at Bethlehem brought joy to the world and to every human heart.  The same Jesus comes again and again in our hearts during Holy Communion.  He wants to give the same joy and peace.”…

 “See Him in the tabernacle; fix your eyes on Him who is the light; bring your hearts close to His Divine Heart; ask Him to grant you the grace of knowing Him, the love of loving Him, the courage to serve Him. Seek Him fervently.”

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