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" "…when a problem has robbed us of our peace, the most important thing is not to resolve the problem in the hope of regaining our peace, but to regain a minimum of peacefulness and then to see what we can do to face the problem.” – Father Jacques Phillpe

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Holding On To Anything?

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
[Brief Reflection on Matthew 14:13-21]

The little that we have – be it in material goods, time  or talents – is sufficient for God’s work if, when He asks, we would just give whatever that is to Him. Take notice in today’s Gospel what He did with five loaves of bread and two fish! On the surface, it looked like Jesus was asking His Apostles to do the impossible – feed thousands of  people. He wasn’t. He was asking them to give Him what they had and He would make the impossible possible. God will never give us a task, no matter how daunting it may first appear, without giving us all that we need to complete it.

The first step is our total surrender to, and trust in, His will for us.

So let’s ask ourselves: Is there anything I am still holding on to and unwilling to give Him?

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