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Friday, April 4, 2014

Monday Musings - We Must Not Politicize the Eucharist, Except....

[I know it is Friday but this could not wait. Someone has to raise this issue]

Please help me to understand.

The most frequently cited justification I have heard offered for not withholding Holy Communion from prominent Catholic politicians and public figures who obstinately persist in supporting laws and public policies contrary to Catholic Church teaching is “the unwillingness to politicize the Eucharist”.

Which must be more important to the Catholic Church and its members: the salvation of souls and protecting the Sacredness of the Eucharist or immigration reform? 

The future of our Church and the salvation of souls rest on answering  this question correctly.

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  1. A public figure who advertises himself or herself as Catholic, and at the same time takes a public stance against non-negotiable Church teachings, has already the politicized the Eucharist. To ignore their public position sends the message that the Church doesn't really take her teachings seriously.