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" "In the first place it should be known that if a person is seeking God, his beloved is seeking him much more." — St. John of the Cross

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pondering Tidbits of Truth - March 27, 2014

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Pondering Tidbits of Truth is my simple and inadequate way of providing nuggets of spiritual wisdom for you to chew on from time to time.

Madeleine L'Engle

"We do not draw people to Christ by loudly discrediting what they believe, by telling them how wrong they are and how right we are, but by showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all their hearts to know the source of it."

(From Walking on Water: Reflections of Faith and Art)

St. Alphonsus Liguori

"What a source of glory would it be to a poor peasant, captured by pirates, and reduced to slavery, to be ransomed by his sovereign at the cost of a kingdom. But how much greater glory do we derive from having been redeemed by Jesus Christ at the expense of His own blood, a single drop of which is worth more than a thousand worlds!"

(From The Passion and the Death of Jesus Christ)

St. Thomas Aquinas

"Do not be content to take in superficially what your read and hear, but endeavor to go into it deeply and to fathom the whole sense of it. Never remain in doubt about what you could know with certainty. Work with a holy eagerness to enrich your mind; arrange and classify in your memory all the knowledge you are able to acquire. On the other hand, do not seek to penetrate mysteries which are beyond your intelligence." 

(As quoted by Cardinal Mercier in Practice of Christian Mortification)

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